Ear Nerve – The Horror, The Horror

Cassette.  Baby Brain Tapes.  1988.

Ear Nerve was invited to play at a big show at the New College of California but not on stage. We set up in a long narrow zigzag hallway leading to the toilets. The busy hallway gave us a captive audience of alternative music aficionados waiting to piss. The growing musical tension in the performance reflect a growing concern among the band members that the expanding pool of spillage from the toilets might be creating a serious electrical shock hazard.

Alex Rudis- keyboards, Mike Shannon- digital delay. Carol Yarborough- french horn & vocal condiments. Tony Calvo- saxophone. Doris Boris Berman- extreme vocals, Walter Alter- large effects array with two drum synths.

  1. The Horror of Clowns
  2. The Horror of After Shave
  3. The Horror of Wall Clocks
  4. The Horror of Public Toilets
  5. The Horror of Chit Chat

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