TV is not cinema. It is, above all, a multi-screen medium, and when properly acted upon by the senses, makes apparent and emphasizes that aspect of choice which is the direction of attention. The discovery of the inherent nature of phenomena, such as TV, is simply the discovery of that action which is most efficient. Efficient action in the realm of mental activity is verifiable and measurable as the increase of intelligence. The TV medium, which has a high potential information density, can literally create human genius, contrary to the mutterings of “new age” mandarins. The operant concept is: full potential. Since potential is a pre-existant state, how do we perceive and predict the potential of any system? This, boys and girls, is the biiiiig question. Stated otherwise, how does human intelligence select actions which leads to its increase? My guess is that we must categorize efficient info as possessing density over time, ie, high throughput levels parallel in simultaneous space. We perceive many things simultaneously with our senses, but we can engage info at greater distances with greater predictive ability in comparative array via the sense of sight alone. The greatest inventions in all history were the microscope and the telescope. Knowledge, and primarily visual knowledge, bridges the gap between quantity and quality. The more info you got, the smarter you is. This axiom is predicated upon the hypothesis that the universe is ultimately knowable. Those of you who wish to challenge this hypothesis can best do so by choosing to remain stupid. The universe is neither random nor infinite, merely complex. The only shape that knowledge has that is independent from the shape of the universe is its rate of growth within our minds. Knowledge and universe act upon each other. Mass and energy attempt to understand one another. The TV screen is an efficient interface between these two manifolds of existence. It is a container (medium) which allows many image phases to play upon it. Its potential can be multiplied by itself simply by adding more screens. With a multi-screen array, one is forced to act one’s attention upon it in a way that inescapably increases… (A) the quantity of perceived material and, more importantly, (B) the potential to operate within the container of mass/energy which is simultaneously, and that, kids, is the definite characteristic of the global village.


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