Retro – The New Prefix

the primitivo-nostalgiac frame of reference from which contemporary artists speak contains a number of clandestine Fascist premises. most analytic tracts on post-modern art fail to enumerate and appraise those unstated factors. primitivist trends, from the proto-cubist “Les Demoselles” to neo s & m, self-mutilatory performance, ritualistic autism and all the stick, feather and bone fetishes in between, is a lying hypocracy formalized as “art” by a gang of elitist think tank social engineers with a high stake interest in the maintenance of Feudal caste stratification. Romanticist attachment to a “simpler”, “purer” existence in past times or among contemporary primitive or “Eastern” societies ignores the crushing reality that the innate direction that any sentient culture will take to amplify its wellbeing will be to increase the application of tool extensions. if that increase stops, the culture will die. for all the praise of primitive ways, damn few native/aborigine societies are being created and lived in fully by those doing the praising. primitive life is short and brutal.

since technology-based societies require a highly educated labor pool, and since a highly educated labor pool is harder to flim flam with irrationalist superstition and self-deprecating fatalism, the superstitionist’s target is applied science and the interested state of mind. scientific method is attacked from several directions. technology is reported as a runaway, life-threatening aberration of the human spirit, opposed to the “intuitive”. the brain is categorized as left/right rather than something sensible like front/back (counterposing analytical to reactionary reflex mentation), or inner/outer (counterposing primitive sub-mamalian functions to the cortical speecch and dexterity areas), or electro/chemical (counterposing glandular endocrine biochemistry to mental electro-magnetic flux fields), or sympathetic/parasympathetic (counterposing rest and contemplatory states to active physical motion states). what is most troublesome is that never is this Papal doctrine about the ground state of existence called up for question by those freethinking, literate, idealistic rebels in the Radical anarcho- Left alignment. at best it is a double standard employing an extreme criticism against all Bourgeoise, Capitalist, spectacular, commodity factors while letting all manner of doltish, contradictory superstition bed down by their campfire. at worst it is an agonizing stubborness fueled by infantilism and anti-parental vengeance. the state will not wither, nor will it be overthrown. it will, however, be rendered obsolete by decentralist, time liberating electronic technology.

the diagnosisis is obnosis- an inability to see the obvious. the “anti-authoritarians” expend a surprising amount of energy shoehorning twisted data into demented frames of reference as dictated by their “non-authorities”. those aspects of pre- technological “primitive” culture which suit the tactic are caricatured out from their historic framework and given the impossible attribute of contemporary legitimacy. the anthropologist’s depiction of “happy” or “noble” hunter-gatherers is a plantation breeder’s living myth. Margaret Mead has been debunked as a semi-literate sectarian specializing in “doping the samples” when they didn’t fit into her pre-existant doctrine. bad scientific method has been the subsequent hallmark of the anthro-Romanticist’s nostalgia for primitive humanity’s scarcity-dependent rituals. this is a strategy designed to destroy “sense”. as our cultural and personal data fields contribute to the amplification of awareness and cognitive method (environmentalism is not a product of industrial waste, it is the product of electronic “picture” information on a global scale- a holistic, decentralist, de- specialist awareness of biosphereic interdependence). remember that countless cultures hunted and gathered themselves to extinction. the wanton exploitation of an environment is not a recent phenomenon. cultures who outgrew their habitat either became predators upon their neighbors or succombed. simplicity is simple mindedness.

whatever deity or chaotic attractor or big banger is responsible for this balloon full of calories we call a universe, the thing came out organized, patterned, predictable and graspable, by degrees, to be sure, but graspable nonetheless. the grasp, however, requires more than ten fingers and toes, it requires extensions via instrumentation into previously invisible domains on either side of the visible light wavelength spectrum. any obstacle to figuring this sucker out is Fascism. primitivism in art is a Fascist psywar strategem.

an irriversible cultural phase shift is occuring towards the more complex matrix of visual field simultaneity. cognition is directional. it is constantly facing an unknown- the future. this is the human condition. our instrumentation for illuminating this unknown has created a global village that has no room for global villains. we can no longer afford to rationalize evil as a necessary and designed-in everpresent yin- yang 50/50 counterbalance to that which is good. our task as artists is clear- it is the exponential increase of human intelligence, ie., the creation of human genius. if we don’t take up the task, then piss on art; then let technology provide not only the instruments and tools for learning, but the lesson books and methods as well. info overload is relative to your skill level. the quantities of information we have access to today are the result of vast fields of flux throughout space and powerful negentropic vectors that have intersected on this planet to produce consciousness. life is not a spinoff of solar radiation. it aint the creation of cosmic angelic super beings either. it is the operation of potential from nothing. exactly how and why, we will one day discover. but we cannot discover it by examining mind alone. we must ping pong between that and an examination of physical reality. what verifiies this method is the increase and extension of life- everyone’s.

you can’t exercise wisdom by posting warning signs around certain areas of knowledge. to the curious and the interested the signal “don’t go in here” is immediately translanted into “don’t go in…where!?” cultural acceleration of the coming magnitude will require a guiding cohesive body of knowledge and experience as a frame of reference. we can enter the 21st century with or without a heat shield. we need diagrams and manuals. damn few artists are moving to help with this. the few that do, involve themselves for all the wrong reasons. they really don’t believe that technology is a good thing, intrinsically. they’ve been sold a load of psycho-mystico claptrap about consciousness, existnce and psychology that obscures true methods of discovery. we have been programmed by think tank wrecking crews into harmful associative reflex-emotive fields through the use of a package of transparent behaviorist techniques to manipulate the imperceived into a surrender of autonomy- all this while proclaiming autonomy loudly. that’s the trick.

self-definition automatically precludes self-analysis, unless that definition is, a priori, one of self-analytical being. what yardsticks have been palmed off on us for the differentiation between the intrinsic and the manufactued? “gut feeling”, “intuition”. like that’s going to keep you from being conned, cheated, fleeced and peeled clean as a hummingbird’s butt. if your intuition is so accurate, consistent, timely, and prioritizing, then why aint you won a million at the lottery, or made all the right decisions. clock yourself for the next hour. how many times a day do you perceive yourself operating with the aid of intuition, really extending a forecast into a verifiable future situation that is not based upon learned experience, common logic, a gathering of evidence, a conscious judgement, a weighing out of alternatives with their assigned scenarios? how many times a day do you really strike forward on important matters intuitively? schizophrenics get intuitions all the time. their minds are a spider web of intuitions; their resultant compuslions and inhibitions.

we are currently coming out of a state of low intensity cultural warfare. it is sub-military, borderline sub-political, covertly attitudinal, but mainly employing all mass media as psychological warfare chess pieces. to the extent that artists play into the manufacture and distribution of “miracle relics” for the ideologically faithful, whether they be objects or catechisms, they are lackeys and bootlicks of the mover and shaker Brahminocracy. irrationalist “New Age” theology is as much the opiate of the people as are the established religions. if Christian fundamentalism is seen to be an anathema to human intelligence by the radical vanguard and their artist popularizers, then so are all varieties of fundamentalism, including the “New Age” ones because their characteristic signature is equally the moronic embrace of some reifying dickhead’s psychosis as dogma. they are all revelations in a cabbage patch designed to create an acceptance of blind dogma and sacrifice of logic.

the art game is rigged, this the art strikers know, yet the depth and breadth of the rig is not being probed with modern, well calibrated cognitive instruments, that is to say, frames of reference not crippled by ideology. we arters, not martyrs, must attempt to figure out why science is so powerful and gesture it to the side of the angels. if there was not an inner logic to existence, we would not be here.

irrationalism equals self-annihilation


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