Stupidity as a Weapon of War

Of course, in the current era, we are referring to low intensity cultural conflict, info war or psyops. One of the great aims of generalship throughout history has been to reduce the will of one’s enemy to resist. Usually this employed shock assault tactics, rapid movement and annhilation on the frontiers of a society so that the target headquarters would experience panic and internal dissention over the wisdom of resistance. In an info war setting, the aim is to blind, decoy, confuse and panic the enemy, to make them too stupid to win, or worse, to even know there is a war going on.

The aim of fascism is to control all strategic world raw materials so their artificial scarcity can be manipulated to bludgeon nations seeking autonomy (the contol over development of their natural wealth) into conformity Fascism is a mafia run at the top by remnants of feudal aristocracy. It wants to be a caste system with a protected revetment of controller oligarchs and it wants to base its empire of economies upon wage salvery.

Achieving this aim is the cause for virtually all human conflict. The cultural tools available to the latifundist ground rent speculator capitalists are media, religion, education and separatist sub-cultures. The tactics employed are disinformation, suppression and fear mongering. These tactics are facilited by insulated cut-out agents who are the transducer operatives receiving policy directives from think tanks and Bilderberger type cabals, sanitizing them and making them palatable to field operatives who then implement fascist policy all the while thinking they are doing something quite different.

A case in point was the U.N. arms embargo against Bosnia, essentially opening the way for genocide, forced migration and the razing of cities. This was done for the noblest of reasons, presumably to keep the brushfire from consuming the Balkans and threatening a confrontation with a crippled and unpredictable Russia; yet the result was an inhuman spectacle that hardly raised a whimper among the western intelligentsia.

These fascist policies are allowed to turn the corner and be implemented by idealists who have lost the capacity to analyse their own chain of command and resist instructions that appear to be coming from within their own camp. Their interpretive frame of reference is superficial, emotional, and robotic. The primary method of insuring the stupification of a population is ideology propped up by a seeming democratic panoply of media info dissemination. But in reality this panoply is monopolized by trained cut-out agents or their stooges so that on key issues, dissent is stiffled and uniformity of response is assured. “What’s the frequency, Kenrick!”

The gay vanguard group Act Up is now isolated and anathemized within its community becasue it managed to throw off the shackles of conformity to hidden agenda engineering and demand that certain resources be used in a certain way, ie., they analyzed the inneffectiveness of AIDS research and were demanding a crash program of research regardless of cost. Immediately the gay rags began to distance themselves from Act Up and via rumor and inuendo, Act Up’s position within gay affairs was undermined. There is today virtually no resistance to the slow grind down of the gay world and absolutely no resistance to the genocidal progress of AIDS in the 3rd world.

Ideology is like religion in that it creates a method of interpreting events which does not include itself as one of those events, ie., it is incapable of self awareness and self analysis.  Consequently, ideology cannot be upgraded and is doomed to be surprised by obsolescence. Nobody saw the end of the Soviet Union coming.

Dumbing down projects can be covert or overt. The overt guises typically are presented as progressive programs. “Outcomes Based Education” (OBE) almost became the next wave of education reforms, until it became clear to various conservative watchdogs that it was designed to create a generation of burger flippers and receptionists in a complete abandonment of principles of excellence for a pragmatic relativist approach whereby industry could submit a request list for X number of assembly line drones, Y number of bookkeepers and Z number of janitorial staff and the local school system would obligingly turn out the requisite staffing with the requesite I.Q.’s.

The covert dumbing down of a population can occur in many subtle ways, from the fostering of gangster cultures, to the gradient tolerance of Indian gaming casinos, to the creation of artificial appetites for such parasite concepts as astrology and genetic inheritance of mental disorders, to tabloidism in media, to fundamentalism in religion, to pop-psychology and new age pop-spiritualism, to fear mongering via a spectrum of armageddons- nuclear, biological, environmental, economic, racial, etc.

A dumbed down population will chronically overlook the root causes of civil disorganization and corruption. A lobotomized public has bad target aquisition. Such a population will be unable to effectively end such practices as destruction of the rain forest because they are unaware of the root cause. Targetting the landowners or governments involved is futile. Without understanding international debt servicing via cash crop agriculture, the multinational debt holders will continue to operate free and clear of scruitiny. When was the last “60 Minutes” segment you saw dissecting the inner agendas of the World Bank or the IMF or the Bank of International Settlements? You never heard of the Bank of International Settlements, right?

What progressive humanity must learn to accomplish is to dissassemble the mechanisms of stooge creation and puppetry. Towards this end the Internet provides the most powerful weapon for the amplification of human intelligence the planet has yet experienced. Not owning a computer with an internet account should be a punishable offense.


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