The problem with ideology

Regarding this

The term “politically correct” is the incomplete version of the original marxist polemic: “politically correct party line”. Under strict cadre supervision, any straying from the correct party line (the preferred interpretation of various …world strategic and tactical events) was considered “deviationism” and was punishable by banishment from the tribe. The problem with ideology is that you are locked in to an interpretive framework. Locking in to anything in an electronic milieu of information flux is intellectual suicide. 18th century age of steam ideas don’t cut the mustard in 21st century electronic instantaneity. Amnesty International is being revealed in its true guise as a tool of ideology. Ideologies are inherently incapable of update and upgrade and , as such, are anathema to anyone who believes in complete freedom of thought and speech. New ideas are ALWAYS a problem for the old ideas.


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