Trans Magazine Interview

Trans Magazine Interview (Spring 1988) Justin Lepanto with Walter Alter JL Walter, most observers would agree that your artistic career has drawn its share of heat from the art establishment, and, interestingly, from the avant garde underground, as well. you’ve characterized yourself as a “pariah among pariahs”. your iconoclasm is apparent, particularly in your writings … Continue reading

Beyond Postmodernity in Einsteinian Space: Epistle to the Phobophiles

1. if e=mc squared, then intelligence equals visual information flux. 2. mystery equals decadence. 3. art as presentation no longer suffices, art as instruction always suffices. 4. camouflage (a). is effective against background a. only. against background (b)…you get the picture. our era, the “age of information”, is moving more and more inside background (b). … Continue reading

Retro – The New Prefix

the primitivo-nostalgiac frame of reference from which contemporary artists speak contains a number of clandestine Fascist premises. most analytic tracts on post-modern art fail to enumerate and appraise those unstated factors. primitivist trends, from the proto-cubist “Les Demoselles” to neo s & m, self-mutilatory performance, ritualistic autism and all the stick, feather and bone fetishes … Continue reading


1. Gauge function is the highest order of cognition in a total field. 2. The level of technological development in any given society is the primary measurement of its state of intellectual amplitude. The result of technological advancement is axiomatically the production of free time, that is, time available to an expanding array of choices … Continue reading