100 Dumbass Questions a Fool Would Waste Time With

1. visual impressions register on the retina, go to the brain and then what? 2. without language, human beings would be incapable of what functions or actions 3. life occurs in a dead universe. so what is more powerful, life or death? 4. we all have a “voice in our head”, what is it’s source … Continue reading

Beyond Postmodernity in Einsteinian Space: Epistle to the Phobophiles

1. if e=mc squared, then intelligence equals visual information flux. 2. mystery equals decadence. 3. art as presentation no longer suffices, art as instruction always suffices. 4. camouflage (a). is effective against background a. only. against background (b)…you get the picture. our era, the “age of information”, is moving more and more inside background (b). … Continue reading

Stupidity as a Weapon of War

Of course, in the current era, we are referring to low intensity cultural conflict, info war or psyops. One of the great aims of generalship throughout history has been to reduce the will of one’s enemy to resist. Usually this employed shock assault tactics, rapid movement and annhilation on the frontiers of a society so … Continue reading