The problem with ideology

Regarding this… The term “politically correct” is the incomplete version of the original marxist polemic: “politically correct party line”. Under strict cadre supervision, any straying from the correct party line (the preferred interpretation of various …world strategic and tactical events) was considered “deviationism” and was punishable by banishment from the tribe. The problem with ideology … Continue reading

Ear Nerve – The Horror, The Horror

Cassette.  Baby Brain Tapes.  1988. Ear Nerve was invited to play at a big show at the New College of California but not on stage. We set up in a long narrow zigzag hallway leading to the toilets. The busy hallway gave us a captive audience of alternative music aficionados waiting to piss. The growing … Continue reading

Ear Nerve – Earache

Cassette.  Baby Brain Tapes.  1988. Another impromptu marathon studio session and junk food fest with little demented melody lines and vocals creeping in like cockroaches on chrome table legs. Polyrhythmic eruptions remind one of a rivetting tool dropping through 20 floors of open girder. Ear Ache was recorded digitally on a borrowed video camera at … Continue reading


The artist is a skilled draftsman and finds drawing the human form to be an endless series of exercises in space, gravity and composition. Figure 001 Figure 002 Figure 003