Beyond Postmodernity in Einsteinian Space: Epistle to the Phobophiles

1. if e=mc squared, then intelligence equals visual information flux. 2. mystery equals decadence. 3. art as presentation no longer suffices, art as instruction always suffices. 4. camouflage (a). is effective against background a. only. against background (b)…you get the picture. our era, the “age of information”, is moving more and more inside background (b). … Continue reading

The Multi-Screen Setup

why is the multi-screen TV setup the intrinsic shape of the medium? why will the number of screens you can read and operate from simultaneously become the preeminent measure of human intelligence? imaging screen technologies now dictate the shape of societies, their cultures and their potentials. those citizens most able to uptake local and remote … Continue reading

Early TV Installations

Lobby (DJ’d event, Wha-a-am Prods.) Ft. Mason Center Stage Set (Minimal Man performance) On Broadway night club Stage Set (Glorius Din & KuKuKu) 16th Note night club

TV Sculpture Installations

Dance Floor (DJ’d event) 181 Club night club Lobby (DJ’d event) Jim English Prods., Kabuki theater Stage Set (Various Artists performance) Martin/Webber gallery