From 1984 to 1992 the artist erected numerous site-specific temporary sculpture pieces at various San Francisco dance clubs, galleries and performance spaces. These sculptures were created from salvaged electical conduit tubing joined together with wrappings from strips of rubber truck tire inner tube. Added to the steel skeletons were a variety of old TV sets with prepared screens. On some occasions, video tape programming would be played through the ensemble of TV’s, and on other occasions they would be tuned to local broadcast stations.

TV Sculpture Installations

Early TV Installations

The artist has been rekindling his interest in abstract drawing after an absence of many years. The use of basic media to create complex yet balanced composition is an ongoing challenge. Conte crayon, watercolor, graphite pencil, colored pencil, colored ink, and black ink with pen and brush are all used in creating spontaneous interactions of color, form and placement.

The capability of generating pure graphic design with the computer has also become a new field of experimentation. Trying to avoid overused and manipulated natural images as found in most computer art, the exercise becomes one of using glyph and symbol along with pure shape and color tone to create in an original and interesting manner.

New Abstract Compositions

New Watercolor



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